Launch Center Pro Offers Simpler Way to Launch Quick Actions from a Single Interface

By CIOReview | Monday, October 5, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Launch Center Pro, an app from Contrast is designed especially for iPhone power users who want a quicker and easier way to launch quick actions from a single interface, releases its own Today View widget for iPhone.

Sarah Perez from Techcruch reports that the updated app has expanded to support over 100,000 new apps, which is roughly 20 times more than any other iOS launcher app, making it now the one to beat when it comes to the breadth of the selection offered. The new widget therefore supports additional app actions. A variety of shortcuts allows one do a host of things, like placing a call to a friend, sending a photo to a group, scanning a barcode, searching for a nearby coffee shop, tweeting a GIF and much more.

With Launch Center Pro the users can customize their screen with their own favorite and commonly used actions to make it easier for them to perform those everyday tasks, without having to dig around on their iPhone for the correct app.The widget is supported in version 2.5 of Launch Center Pro, which is now live on iPhone and the iPad update is on its way, adds Perez.