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Lavante and Taulia Alliance Envisions to Intensify the Value of Supplier Relationships

By CIOReview | Thursday, February 25, 2016

FREMONT, CA: Lavante, a cloud based Supplier Information Management (SIM) and Recovery Audit Solutions Company and Taulia, a cloud based financial management solutions company, signed a partnership agreement to boost the value of supplier relationships across businesses.

The coalition of both the firms will aim to aid supplier businesses and disrupt the authenticated transactions along with increment in revenues. However, cost, quality, and effectiveness will define the adoption trends among suppliers. Taulia's fourth annual customer conference, Taulia Connect held from February 22-24 at Park Central Hotel in San Francisco, CA evinces and states the joint offering of Lavante and Taulia.

Lavante Recovery, an on-demand recovery auditing solution; and Lavante Connect, a platform for connecting companies and suppliers will manage and validate suppliers automatically. Whereas, Taulia plays a big role in implementing dynamic discounting, enhanced discounting, supplier info management, eInvoicing, and ePayments that incurs between suppliers and clients.

"In Lavante, we see a firm that shares our passion for putting the supplier first, and providing the highest possible value to clients," states Markus Ament, Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Taulia. "We could not have selected a better partner to help take our Financial Supply Chain Network to the next level.”

One side, Lavante will turn suppliers as a potential active partner, on the other hand Taulia would try to convert every invoice into a revenue opportunity. Hence, ROI will be maximized for the companies leveraging the Lavante/Taulia platform.

As expected, not only supplier relationships would be strengthened by the efforts of joint ventures but financial supply chain would experience less friction in transactions. Supplying and receiving money more quickly by offering discounts for early payment, eInvoicing and low-cost financing options facilitate suppliers to cut-off from their total expenditure and activate double-digit returns on cash-position. Prospecting to maximize cash flow and enjoy enhanced visibility into supplier health score-carding and campaign management, participation from suppliers will be driving high.

"With this move, Taulia is leveraging the industry's premier supplier data quality solution to power its sophisticated supply chain financing product offering," states Henry Ijams, Lead Analyst, PayStream Advisors. "The combined solution offers a best case scenario for clients and suppliers."