Layer Introduces Atlas, a New Set of UI Components to Build Messaging Apps

By CIOReview | Tuesday, March 10, 2015

SAN FRANCISCO, CA: Layer, a provider of software development platform for developers to build efficient communication solutions, introduces Atlas, a new powerful tool designed to allow developers to integrate native communications in to their applications.

Atlas is a set of user interface (UI) components that enables familiar messaging experience on top of the LayerKit, the native iOS SDK for accessing the Layer Communication Platform. It is designed with some features such as implementing good looking and high quality messaging experience like iMessage.

Atlas provides complete UI experiences as well as a large library of individual views. It enables quick and easy branding of user experience through integration with UIAppearance and interface builders. With UIAppearance selector, all the fonts and colors can be modified and allows developers to quickly add messaging to an existing application and match the components with the existing style.

Atlas has various features that includes searchable, selectable address input bar like popular messaging apps; conversation list that displays conversations in which the user is participating; flexible auto-message input bars that handle text, images, and location updates; conversation chat bubbles for incoming and outing messages; supports group chat.

With scrollable and auto-paginating message display experience, it manages unread state, displays delivery and read receipts, overlays a typing indicator as others are typing. It provides detailed view for managing conversations by adding, removing or blocking participants and deleting or resigning from a conversation.