LEAD Technologies Rolls out Media Streaming Server SDK

By CIOReview | Friday, August 21, 2015

CHARLOTTE, NC: LEAD Technologies, a software development toolkits provider for document, medical, multimedia and vector imaging firms, has rolled out a new product- Media Streaming Server SDK. This is a new addition to its flagship LEADTOOLS multimedia product line, which has a diverse customer base and large corporate partners that includes LEADTOOLS Streaming module.

"Streaming multimedia content to clients has grown into more than just a popular way to consume entertainment and digital content, it's an expectation," says Rich Little, President of LEAD Technologies.

The Media Streaming Server acts as a framework for streaming high-quality audio/video content using a single server. The content providers adhere to both proprietary, standard formats and protocols such as Adobe Flash, Adobe HDS, Apple HTTP Live Streaming, Microsoft Smooth Streaming and HTML5.

LEADTOOLS Media Streaming Server is remarkable for its simple setup, robust configuration and user management options, and top-notch video playback quality.

Contributing to the flexibility of use, the content providers need to store the source content in a single format, which can be streamed to practically any device to play videos. To realize this feature, the server automatically converts any file within the repository to the requested format on the go.

“A growing number of companies want greater control over how they serve audio and video media to their clients rather than depending on third-party hosting sites or expensive proprietary streaming solutions,” states Little.

This release also has delivered updates and new features to codecs, multiplexers and de-multiplexers. Specifically, the existing technology of ISO/MP4 format is upgraded to support JPEG-compression, uncompressed videos and non-square pixels. The JPEG-compression integrated to the ISO multiplexer features smooth 30 frames per second reverse playback and better video editing potentials.

During the discussion the company also mentioned regarding their plans of future release: broadcasting live content and handling two-way streaming and communication.