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By CIOReview | Thursday, December 7, 2017

It is a known fact that technology and interconnectivity have let to a vast explosion in the data available to organization’s of today. In recent years, the paradigm is shifting in favour of data-driven decision making versus instinctive judgement calls.

Although the general  consensus is that data presents new and exciting opportunitiesfor business, few have been able to measure the impact of data analytics initiatives on organizational performance. At Corinium’ s Chief Analytics Officer, Fall conference which took place in Boston last October, over 80% of attendees stated that they did not measure the value of their analytics function in 2016.

Timothy Martin,Chief Analytics Officer at NYC Department of Buildings spoke of the challenge in measuring value attributed to analytics by stating:

“It’s often difficult to measure the value of analytics, and the benefits may not be immediate.  In general, the value of analytics lies in its ability to deliver better outcomes and more accurate predictions. In some cases, this may lead to quantifiable cost and time efficiencies. In other cases, the value may be intangible. Nonetheless, it’s critical to establish a culture which recognizes that data is an asset that can lead to a strategic advantage.”

On this backdrop, Corinium’s Chief Data & Analytics Officer, Winter event returns to Miami from February 6-8, 2018. Over 100 attendees will discuss the proliferation of data analytics leadership and evaluate the road-map for delivering continuous value to the business.

Tailored agenda to discuss how to employ enterprise data analytics

The agenda will feature over 35+ speakers and some of today’s most critical topic areas for employing enterprise data analytics. Some of the programme’s highlights include: Sol Rashidi, Chief Data & Cognitive Officer at Royal Caribbean Internationalkeynote address around aligning data strategy to support AI and Cognitive capability; Adoptinga “digital first mind-set” to remain competitive in today’s marketplace with Neil Gomes,Chief Digital Officer, SVP, Technology Innovation & Consumer Experience at Thomas Jefferson University and Jefferson Health; Buildinga capability-based approach to enterprise-wide analytics proliferation with Jason Burke,System VP, Chief Analytics Officer at UNC Health Care and delivering on the promise of innovation for social good with newly appointed Global Consumer Technology, Head of Data and Analytics at CITIYasamanHadjibashi.

Additional topics to be covered will include talent management, from governance to innovation, digital transformation, customer 360 and applications of AI, Machine Learning and automation. The sessions are geared towards any senior executive, tasked with driving enterprise-wide data analytics strategy.

Join the conference in Miami from February 6-8th.Check full event agenda and register on the event website, please visit:

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