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Leading Companies Partner To Unveil Remote Online Notary Platform

By CIOReview | Friday, July 24, 2020

Remote e-Notary platforms can help businesses to meet the most complex eNotary documentation standards. 

FREMONT, CA: A pioneer in mobile capture and identity verification software solutions, Mitek and KYS-Tech collaborates to bring Mitek’s Mobile Verify to the KYS-Tech remote online notary platform (RON). As part of KYS-Tech’s remote online notary platform (RON), this latest solution allows businesses to meet the most stringent eNotary documentation standards across all industries.

Many states have issued emergency measures enabling notaries to perform remote online notarizations in the wake of COVID-19 pandemic. This would push every notary in the U.S. to perform remote online notarizations as companies turn to digital services in the time of social distancing regulations under the pandemic. Knowing all these, Mitek is honored to partner with KYS-Tech to offer the most secure notary services available today.

KYS-Tech services can virtually notarize any file online that requires reduced time and cost to execute company documents. If they prefer, businesses can also continue to use their own notaries, a partnership option unique to the industry. And now with Mobile Verify, KYS-Tech users simply submit a picture of their driver’s license or another government-issued ID document along with answering a few questions to quickly decide the authenticity of the user and their identity, ensuring clients that critical documents are only shared, signed and notarized with verified and authorized parties.

Mitek is a leading company in mobile capture and digital identity verification known for its strict adherence to the latest compliance and regulatory requirements and certification. KYS-Tech hopes that Mitek will allow it to analyze government identity documents in the market, including hundreds in the U.S. alone. This professionalism, expertise, and support enable Mitek to provide unparalleled service to businesses those in need of notarial services.

KYS-Tech Tech was created by notaries, lawyers, eSignature, services, and document workflow for providing dynamic, intuitive, compliance-based digital authentication and notarization solutions to enterprise clients. The company is the leader in allowing its clients to use their own notaries within a remote online notarization platform.