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Leap Motion Introduces Project Orion for Hand tracking on VR

By CIOReview | Tuesday, February 23, 2016

FREMONT, CA: Leap Motion, a manufacturer of computer hardware sensor device, introduces a tracking system made for Virtual Reality (VR) motion that can be built into VR headsets. They have coined this project as Orion.

Orion consists of both hardware and software built to tackle challenges of hand tracking for VR. It is mainly introduced to cater to the rising needs of VR like interacting with digital content on a physical level. With increased capabilities in tracking technology, it comes with markerless motion tracking system.

 " Orion is the first version of tracking that lives up to the vision of tracking hands and fingers so accurately that people can forget there is any separation between them and technology. It is the first version that is specific for virtual reality, and we think we can really transform VR in a fundamental way by letting people, as soon as they put on a headset, see their hands in front of them," says Micheal Buckwald, Founder, Leap Motion.

It offers low latency, long range, better and faster hand recognition and ambient light. The new API provided by the system will speed up applications. The new system aims at improvements such as identifying fingers more accurately and tracking them more quickly. Orion enhances the way it handles cluttered backgrounds making it easy for the user to bring his/her hand close to other surfaces. The software is available for Windows on Leap Motion Controller with new demos like Blocks that shows how nuanced physical interactions with digital objects can be created.