Learn From Her--an Educational Platform for Women by Women

By CIOReview | Tuesday, May 10, 2016

FREMONT, CA: Learn From Her is an informative web portal for women to get instructions from other female medical experts on topics pertaining to personal and family health. Social taboos over the years have created self-consciousness and shyness in certain communities where women hesitate from indulging in conversations on sexual health. Learn From Her offers judgment-free classes for women to learn and know their own bodily functions and also to have a better understanding of their family’s health.

The platform created by Naama Bloom and Karen Cahn provides video-based health courses that can be accessed anytime, from any place at one’s convenience. The classes cover sound medical theories in a private environment and provide necessary tools to the attendees, to keep them informed with health and parenting decisions at each stage. “Learn From Her provides easy-to-understand information that you can watch anywhere –in the comfort of your own home or on the train to work," says Karen Cahn, co-founder of Learn From Her and Founder & CEO of VProud, a video blogging platform for women.

According to Cahn, women need a private space to learn about the health issues affecting them and their family on a daily basis. Few of the topics that the current course covering offers are as follows:

Control Your Leaking- A session by Missy Lavender and Dr. Sandy Hilton that teaches women on pelvic floor muscles, its anatomy, exercises and the types of incontinence and treatments.

Dealing with eating disorders: Dr.Judith Brisman discusses the types of eating disorders, symptoms and the help that can be offered.

Decoding Your Child’s Behavior Dr.Sandra Mann, a family therapist and parent educator, explains to parents about a child’s temperament and parenting techniques.

Fertility for Beginners: Acupuncturist and herbalist Margaret Sikowitz trains the viewers on deciphering the body signals.

Managing your Family’s Sugar: Dietician Shari Boockvar explains on methods to maintain a healthy diet and avoid unhealthy eating.

Parenting through Puberty: Dr. Cara Natterson gives out parenting advice to prepare children for the changes ahead and guide them properly.

Understanding Sexual Satisfaction: Dr.Jessica Shepherd explains to viewers the common causes of sexual dysfunction, treatments and cures.