LegalEase's iPAT AI Tool to Help Handle Automobile Warranty Litigation in California
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LegalEase's iPAT AI Tool to Help Handle Automobile Warranty Litigation in California

By CIOReview | Monday, October 25, 2021

LegalEase introduces the iPAT AI tool for handling automobile warranty litigation in California.

FREMONT, CA: Artificial intelligence (AI) has infiltrated the legal profession. AI can aid in legal work by completing due diligence in analyzing data and forecasting consequences. AI can be used to automate document creation, which can save significant amounts of time. Human intervention would also reduce the costs associated with legal proceedings. LegalEase Solutions LLC, a provider of tailored legal solutions for businesses, in-house legal departments, and law firms, has come up with iPAT for the automotive OEM sector. Developed in collaboration with Felix AI by a team of attorneys and data scientists at LegalEase, iPAT leverages historical data, AI, and predictive analytics to forecast case outcomes, value cases, and analyze vehicle buy-back eligibility, assisting OEMs in resolving warranty/lemon law claims more accurately, quickly, and at a significantly lower cost.

OEMs can use iPAT to evaluate whether they are eligible for buy-back under California law, thereby resolving possible warranty violation litigation before it is initiated. iPAT advises on settlement options if a lawsuit is filed, including civil penalties and attorneys’ fees. iPAT will continue to add capabilities in the future, including managing warranty breach litigation in all 50 states.

Speaking about the AI tool, LegalEase President and Co-founder Tariq Hafeez says, “Having worked with automotive OEMs for many years, we know how costly and time-consuming it can be to manage warranty litigation in plaintiff-friendly jurisdictions such as California. iPAT is the result of combining our 16 years of litigation management support experience for in-house legal departments with industry-leading artificial intelligence technology.”

iPAT leverages predictive analytics to reduce litigation time and associated legal costs (such as civil fines and litigation fees) while also assuring a more uniform and objective valuation of warranty disputes. After being trained with OEM car and warranty claim data, knowledge of previous cases in a particular jurisdiction, and applicable state law, the AI will assist the in-house legal staff makes case judgments.

“iPAT makes the process of managing warranty breach litigation in California far more cost-effective and, more importantly, predictable. By using iPAT, OEMs will eliminate nagging worries about whether or not they are overpaying to settle these claims. It will also drive down plaintiff fees and civil penalties, which is significant given the egregious amounts often sought by plaintiff’s counsel,” comments Tariq Akbar, CEO and Co-founder.