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Let's Work Digitally!

By CIOReview | Thursday, July 18, 2019

The secret to attract more millennials into the manufacturing workforce lies in employing more technology in the work environment. Companies that successfully meet employee challenges often leverage new talent sourcing tools such as cognitive, AI, social collaboration, and video in building a robust channel of qualified candidates.

FREMONT, CA: Digitally engaging the staff can be a significant solution to attract more young employees and keep them in the industry once and for all. Since there has been an increase in the development of automation in plants, the industry is mostly struggling to find competent, skilled laborers that can run the equipment.

Technology for Engagement:

The manufacturers in food and beverage have heavily invested in technology solutions in the plant, including automation, to function as well as pack the products efficiently. The future of work is driven by the rise of digital along with powerful demographic, political, and social forces. The company needs to adapt to this evolution, using technologies to make a distinction in employee experience with the help of some specific methods:

• Automation can help to steer work to the required specialist within a Human Resource organization to resolve a query and complete a request, which can reduce the time the employee spent in targeting the right team.

• By fostering digital groups where employees can connect with the entire workforce on a platform that helps them to access information from anywhere, anytime.

• Companies should provide relevant and useful consumer-grade applications, and the employees should find the apps as easy as the ones they use at their home.

• The utility of social collaboration tools can allow manufacturers to create similar groups focusing on employees’ work and life events and helping them in balancing their personal and professional demands.

• It can be a massive advantage for the organization to provide employees with plenty of training opportunities by using a variety of applications.

• By using AI, manufacturers can predict employees’ needs and deliver personalized information along with reducing the required push for the vast amounts of data to different groups of people responsible for improving employee communications.

Many enterprises in the food and beverage industry focus on the employee experience and technology play a crucial role in it. The core factors that enrich the employee experience are productivity and collaboration apps along with well-being and self-service solutions, helping in reducing turnover and increasing productivity.