Level Exs New Gamification Platform to Make Healthcare Education Interactive
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Level Exs New Gamification Platform to Make Healthcare Education Interactive

By CIOReview | Friday, November 26, 2021

 Level Ex's CASCADES is an interactive platform that delivers captivating MOA experiences through game mechanics and intriguing particle effects.

Fremont, CA: Gaming Tech has made its way through almost all the industries in the past decade, and the healthcare industry is no exception. CASCADES, an interactive platform dedicated to bringing the science of mechanism of action (MOA) to life, has been released by Level Ex, the producer of industry-leading medical video games for physicians. CASCADES develops a thorough, long-term understanding of a product's MOA and mechanism of disease (MOD) by doubling engagement time and recall across several platforms and channels. In contrast to the passive experience of watching MOA films, CASCADES requires healthcare professionals (HCPs) to actively demonstrate their grasp of a brand's MOA to move forward. They must solve enthralling riddles that force them to remember and learn. CASCADES' unique strategy allows pharmaceutical companies to distinguish their MOA/MOD story while also assisting HCPs in retaining it.

“When it comes to prescribing, its crucial for physicians to understand a medications mechanism of action so that we can best serve our patients and treat them with the drug that will work most effectively,” said Jerome Lisk, MD, FAAN, board-certified neurologist with a fellowship in movement disorders. “CASCADES creates a fun, visual, interactive way to do so, which makes learning MOA easier and more efficient. Furthermore, because it’s based on game mechanics, it inspires you to try repeatedly and gives you more opportunity to intuitively understand the biochemistry and outcomes of a drug more efficiently than reading plain text.”

Based on the neurobiology of learning and play, CASCADES allows HCPs to integrate brands MOA/MOD through lengthy, active engagement. CASCADES provides frictionless, omnichannel interactivity on any video conferencing platform, including Zoom, Webex, and Microsoft Teams, whether on a pharmaceutical company's website, on customers' phones, during an event, or collectively over any video conferencing platform. CASCADES is MLR-compliant by design, having been created by professionals who understand the particular medical, regulatory, and legal implications of interactive MOA.