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Leveraging Automation to Manage Multi-clouds

By CIOReview | Tuesday, June 12, 2018

As businesses begin to leverage multi-cloud, they must train the relevant teams and adapt processes for each specific cloud. In addition to ensuring the security policies are consistently applied in each environment, they also have to figure out how to architect network topologies suitable for the application requirements. Unfortunately, security and networking teams often need to compromise or re-architect proven standards to adapt to the services that are provided by public clouds.

Additionally, in a multi-cloud environment, it gets significantly overwhelming to track the utilization and performance. Each cloud platform provides metering and performance monitoring, however, it is challenging to collect all of that data into a central place from where businesses can have the visibility they need to make intelligent decisions.  

Automation constitutes the key approach that businesses need to adopt. Leveraging DevOps methodologies network and security processes and DevNetSecOps could be some of the few approaches that these businesses can go for. As the companies leading the charge to multi-cloud are rapidly evolving, the internal teams and processes within these companies are breaking down the traditional operational silos. On top of that, they are building cross-functional teams empowered enough to get things done quickly. They have begun to adopt agile development techniques not just for the traditional DevOps teams, but also for network and security teams.

In order to embed network and security policy directly into their automation processes, some of these companies are leveraging infrastructure-as-code techniques. They are also leveraging analytics platforms to gain visibility into these multi-cloud environments and feeding that data into their automation processes. Not only is this helping businesses to move towards multi-cloud, but it is also helping them to move towards the self-driving cloud.

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