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Leveraging Data in Moving Towards the Smart City

By CIOReview | Tuesday, December 6, 2016

CHICAGO, IL: Cities, no matter what size, all want to use data to inform their day-to-day operations and strategic forecasting. Most megacities have already developed the organizational, technical, and analytical foundations to leverage their data while some of the small to medium cities are still working to develop that capability. 

A special panel session at the Smart Cities International Symposium, January 24-25, 2017 in Chicago will conduct a candid conversation among key city leaders to dig into the the capabilities, capacity and resources to collect, manage, maintain, and leverage data for both strategic and tactical city operations.

Panel participants include:

• Eric Roche, Chief Data Officer and Performance Management Analyst, City of Kansas City, MO
• Meghan Cook, Director, Center for Technology in Government, University at Albany
• Sam Edelstein, Chief Data Officer, City of Syracuse
• Don DeLoach, President & CEO, Infobright 

The session will examine:

• The catalyst and overall effort needed to use data in a meaningful way
• The difference between both big and small data and how both are useful in informing city operations
• The context and considerations city leaders must attend to when using data - such as enterprise information management policies, data ownership and stewardship policies, privacy and security, open data, data driven decision making, and analytics capabilities
• Organizational, technical policy, and human capabilities needed to collect, maintain, and leverage data for both strategy and operations
• Challenges, solutions, and strategies in building these capabilities
• Challenges you don't know until you live them - and how to work through them
• Partnerships and collaborations necessary for a city to reap the benefits of implementing and using data

The panel session is just one of several during the two-day Symposium, which will bring together municipal thought leaders and practitioners from around the world to explore the most recent advances and business models in making the Smart City a reality. The proceedings will focus on the experiences of municipal governments who are pushing the envelope and moving toward actual implementation of the Smart City vision.

'This will be a unique opportunity to zero in on how to enable and finance key smart city initiatives,' says Daniel Coran, editor of the Smart Grid Observer and program manager for the Symposium. 'The goal is to have top practitioners and municipal leaders talk about their experiences and clarify of what is working, how best to execute, and how to pay for it.'

Topics to be addressed over the course of the Symposium include:

• Leveraging the smart energy grid for other municipal applications
• Smart lighting advances, platforms and business models
• Smart transportation and parking
• Environmental monitoring and waste management
 IoT applications and communications networks for enabling the Smarter City
• Learning from the leaders: key smart city developments around the world
• Market trends and growth drivers: challenges and opportunities
• Phased, cost-effective approaches: efficiency measures that can fund additional steps

Leading cities and other organizations slated to speak at the Symposium include: City of San Jose, Cisco, City of Syracuse, City of Minneapolis, Infobright, Microsoft, CityZenith Corp., Black & Veatch, City of Indianapolis, Kansas City, City of Chicago, Cushman Wakefield, Roosevelt University, Indy Chamber, Itron, University of Albany, Smart Grid Consumer Collaborative, University of Kansas, and others.

'For municipalities at the early stage of their smart city planning, this will be a great opportunity to develop solid strategies for success,' Coran adds. 'Building off real-world experiences and lessons learned to date is critical.'

The Symposium is organized by the Smart Grid Observer (, an online publication that delivers the latest news and information on a daily basis concerning key developments, deployment updates, and market trends in the smart grid and energy storage industries.

For full information regarding the Symposium and to register, visit

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