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Leveraging Digital Technologies for Customized Experiences

By CIOReview | Monday, April 2, 2018

With the current rising demand for customized digital products and services, automotive and industrial equipment manufacturers are have a hard time in keeping up the pace of delivering the product and services. According to Accenture Labs, manufacturers can leverage the combination of the present advanced technologies into the production process to drive personalization and innovation. These state-of-the-art technologies comprises of artificial intelligence (AI), edge intelligence, augmented, virtual and mixed reality, embedded sensors, analytics, and 3D printing capabilities. The application of these technologies to the automotive manufacturers’ and OEMs’ product engineering phases like conception, design, prototyping and simulation will possibly enable mass customization of products.

There are various instances where manufacturers are making use of these technologies in their product engineering stages to move closer to industrial-grade mass customization. For instance, Tesla is utilizing customer input and embedded sensors to improvise on its electric vehicles in real time. Another case in point is of Accenture Labs that recently implemented virtual 3D technology to build a complex, industrial digital breaker box. These were examples of companies leveraging advanced technologies on the phase of concept and design, respectively. In addition, there are companies that are exploring different avenues regarding overlaying investigation and blended reality advancements on physical racks to recreate item shows and enhance them for better space arranging and escalated client take-up.

Companies that take the initiative in taking advantage of combining multiple technologies to drive mass customization will definitely capitalize on the personalized product and service demand.

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