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Leveraging Gamification into CRM

By CIOReview | Friday, February 9, 2018

Gamification is one of the recent trends introduced to bring innovation and enhance productivity in a working environment, especially in customer relationship management (CRM). Gamification is an interesting take on developing a long-term relationship between businesses and customers. However, the approach may not deliver desired results if not incorporated in the right manner. Incorporation of gamification needs the right amount of time and effort in order to achieve success in customer experience management.

The primary objective behind involving gamification into the CRM segment is to improve communication and enhance morale. In the process, employees understand their value in the organization by giving them insights into the business.

The first step into gamification of CRM is to identify what behavior the organization wishes to encourage in the work environment. Whether it is sales, customer experience, or profits, work behavior has to be determined based on long-term aims and objectives.

The second step is to decide the rewards. It is wise for leaders in an organization to offer small rewards to employees in order to ensure immediate reinforcement. Another option to improve productivity and communication in an organization is to provide recognition to employees. The major aim of recognizing accomplished employees is to motivate others to follow suit, not to discourage them.

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Gamification is an ongoing process. Organizations should determine work behavior and provide value to it frequently, which will enhance transparency and productivity within the environment. Furthermore, recognition and rewards will encourage employees to offer full effort in their tasks, thus making the process beneficial for the organization in the long run.