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Leveraging IoT and Big Data for Effective Food Safety Measures

By CIOReview | Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Modern technology tools have played a major role in the disruption of traditional industrial processes and services. Implementation of technologies like IoT and big data has given a technological edge to many industries like healthcare, supply chain, manufacturing, and many others. IoT and big data analytics tools hold great promise for food industry also.

Food is an essential element for good health as eating fresh and good food can eliminate the risk of diseases. According to Easy Will Power, a health and wellness brand, our metabolic processes deteriorate if we don’t consume the right amount of nutrients. An excessive amount of these nutrients can also put a person at risk of diabetes and heart disease. It is critical for consumers to keep track of their food from the point of origination to the delivery system. IoT and Big data analytics technology can offer the appropriate impetus to the food industry for an efficient business process and application. Here is a detailed analysis of the significance of IoT and big data analytics for the food industry:

Tracing Shipments: Food industry has been using IoT in the form of barcodes and RFID tags to trace the entire life cycle of a product. In recent years the emergence of more sophisticated sensors has been able to offer additional data about globally-transported food products. These sensors can measure the dust and dirt particles as well as report on the temperature that can impact the safety of food items.

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Assist Investigations: The lack of knowledge of all the touchpoints in transport and processing makes it extremely difficult for suppliers to track the contaminated food after the discovery of contamination. IoT tools offer tracking and monitoring capabilities which allow investigators to identify the points in a supply chain which can cause contamination of food.

Genetic indexing: Big data tools can be an ideal technology to identify the harmful bacteria, as big data tools can detect correlations between DNA and RNA of bacteria that appear in foods. IoT tools can be used in the identification of the tools.

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