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Leveraging IoT for a Greener Environment

By CIOReview | Thursday, February 28, 2019

Today, the word "smart technology" has evolved–a technology which operates with its own predefined parameters and requires minimal interference in providing green IT and environmental protection. IoT has always been a driving force in smart technology. These are devices such as digital sensors, home appliances, and portable smart devices, that interact with the products. Technology still needs to be developed responsibly, and a sustainable environment will be combined with the need to develop interdependently.

The impact of IoT has already started to change both the environment and the way in which the public live within it, from networks of useful embedded sensors to AI decision-making frameworks. In everyday life, environmental concerns play an ever more critical role. There is increasing visibility of threats such as climate change and increased pollution. And while technology is at least partially responsible for certain environmental problems, the rise of IoT provides some with advanced solutions. Continually alerting sensors are capable of creating robust, scalable, connected mesh networks and offer the potential in a variety of areas to improve the environment.

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Eventually, advanced sensors that can be installed or transported can help to reduce pollution. These sensors measure air quality and alert their users to areas they should avoid using applications. However, in addition, they increase awareness on the high emission levels and areas that both authorities and the public, in general, need to pay attention to. In such zones, motor traffic can be reduced on days with too high emissions and additional actions. While appliances are only one element of the Things network, further energy consuming ballgame is the pure volume of information produced, transported, stored and processed. But this can also be kept under control with the advent of cloud technology. In addition, technological giants with energy-efficient data centers take massive steps to reduce their carbon footprints. By investing highly in renewables, companies are all trying to improve their green credentials. With integrated sensors and cloud-based AI decision-making, the environmental impact of IoT networks already has affected the daily life and environment in which everyone coexists.

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