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Leveraging IoT for Active Vehicle Safety

By CIOReview | Friday, May 3, 2019

Road accidents and traffic congestions are the rising challenges in urban areas. However, with the help of new technologies automobiles sector is focusing more on proactive measures for safety. The modern transport claims that vehicle crash can be prevented using technology like the Internet of Things (IoT). IoT is an ideal software component that connects physical and everyday devices to the internet. Devices built based on IoT are capable of communicating with each other over the internet and can be controlled to perform various activities.

IoT in Reducing Automatic Vehicle Accidents

Physical condition and performance of the drivers are analyzed in case of accidents, and the administrators are notified with the help of IoT. It can also monitor the drowsiness of the driver, and blood content is analyzed to detect the presence of alcohol. The distraction of drivers is tracked which is accomplished through installing a face monitoring camera—a prototype of embedded system and sensor technology.

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With the aid of Internet of Things (IoT), the vehicle can undergo real-time monitoring to diagnose the condition of the vehicle. The data including exhaust gas temperature, ambient temperature, gas flow velocity, vehicle speed, engine revolution, electric current, and vehicle tilt angle can be measured and recorded to know the performance of the vehicle. When the physical condition of the vehicle is diagnosed, it helps in reducing accidents due to poor performance.

There are chances for the occurrence of a vehicular collision between vehicle to vehicle, vehicles to human or between vehicles to structures. The use of inter-vehicular communications allows vehicles to communicate with its surroundings. For instance, when the vehicle is moving too close to another, the driver is notified of the possible collision.

Location tracking system using IoT is used to obtain the specific location of vehicles with GPS navigation. This is beneficial in notifying the user of the possible danger that is ahead of them. The threats may include damaged roads, pre-occurred accidents, and frozen roads.

Connected vehicles powered by IoT will help to reduce the rate of accidents with its highly sophisticated mode of operation. In the future, road safety will be assured with the help of this technology.

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