Leveraging Network Visibility into Cloud Environments

By CIOReview | Friday, May 13, 2016
Bethany Mayer, President and CEO, Ixia

Bethany Mayer, President and CEO, Ixia

CALABASAS, CA: Ixia, a provider of visibility, network testing, and security solutions recently declared their latest platform CloudLens to integrate network visibility across public, private, and hybrid cloud environment. The new platform serves cloud providers, and enterprises with unprecedented insight into network traffic with SSL decryption, de-duplication capabilities and Netflow with sophisticated application identification and geographic location.

In order to meet the customer’s demands, Ixia’s CloudLens platform offers the framework for virtual taps and data filtering in a multi-tenant self-serve model. With CloudLens platform users can deploy a highly scalable traffic monitoring system in no time. Probability is high that the new platform will also include powerful embedded automation capabilities that will enable analysis tools and virtual taps automatically swing to demands and failures without any help of operators. Customers, by virtualizing analysis tools in to cloud will be able to tunnel their virtual data back in to centralized physical analysis tools.

The robust CloudLens platform provides multiple tapping products, and its tunneling functionality that includes GRE, VLAN, and ERSPAN. “The CloudLens platform is a game changer for cloud deployments”. “The ability to deliver a network data collection system supporting security and monitoring across cloud environments is significant considering the differences in these environments. Ixia is creating a framework that does not rely on provider specific hypervisor environments,” said Zeus Kerravala of ZK Research.

In order to form a strong evolution CloudLens platform incorporates existing Ixia visibility solutions specifically designed for cloud environments. These include the Virtualization Tap solution for network access to cloud traffic, Application and Threat Intelligence Processor for insight into network activities. The IxFlow App for Splunk Enterprise, in the platform integrates ATIP with the Splunk Enterprise and provides the ability to visualize and analyze user, device, and application behaviors.

Later in this quarter, the CloudLens platform is expected to support OpenStack KVM, VMWare ESXi, NSX, and Microsoft Hyper-V. “We are innovating to ensure that our solutions portfolio will allow customers to deliver their products and services with the highest level of performance and security,” says Bethany Mayer, President and CEO, Ixia.