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Leveraging Social Media to Promote Events

By CIOReview | Thursday, March 14, 2019

Today, social media is integrated into every aspect of people’s daily lives. Social platforms are important tools for communicating and mobilizing people, from promoting concerts to organizing protest marches. Social media marketing is today a key part of promoting an event for non-profits. While social media is often considered to be in-the-moment and spontaneous, effective marketing on social media requires forethought.

It is well known that billions of people around the world use Facebook, and it is an ideal place to promote an event. With almost the entire world population using the medium, the event marketed through it will reach the targeted audience quickly. It is also remarkably easy to set up Facebook events. The host controls Facebook events but also allows participants to comment and ask questions on the event page. This makes it a perfect way to communicate with potential participants, provide more information, and address any concerns.

LinkedIn also represents an enormous opportunity to promote events. The marketing technique of LinkedIn events works particularly well for recurring events. For an event, a LinkedIn group can help connect attendees before and after the event, providing them with a central place to ask questions and facilitate discussion on the topics of the event.

Marketing is about showing potential customers their benefits, understanding their concerns, and being able to solve their problems. The best way to establish a relationship is through face-to-face interaction. But for growing a business, this is simply not realistic. The time is not enough to meet each potential customer personally and earn their confidence. This feeling can be captured in the form of video content. Video marketing is available 24/7, and it can help small business by building long-term customer relationships. Brands gain more customer trust through marketing their products or services via videos.

Social media is one of the best means for event promotion. It will increase a brand’s reputations and is bound to earn customers’ loyalty and trust reputation incredibly. However, it will still require focus and preparation, just like any other forms of marketing.