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Leveraging the Combined Force of CRM and Marketing Automation

By CIOReview | Wednesday, April 18, 2018

The CRM and marketing automation platforms (MAPs) have become the key drivers of successful marketing and sales campaigns. The cost-effective, tailored, and automated features of CRM have enabled its application in areas beyond marketing and sales like HR, training, and IT to improve the business processes. It can also be applied in the areas of manufacturing and logistics. The remarkable degree of automation in the CRM and the insights that it provides are primarily governed through timely and efficient data logging and predictive analysis. This makes it an efficient program to be implemented for enhanced business efficiency. On the other hand, MAPs are ideal for lead generation, sales, and is a catalyst in shortening the intricate sales cycle. It allows companies to create faster, efficient, and accountable marketing ecosystem.Top CRM Tech Companies

Individually, the outstanding features of CRM and MAPs are capable of reshaping various business operations, but if combined together and applied to any business, the intelligent system formed will lead to holistic benefits. The integration of CRM and MAPs can allow uninterrupted flow and distribution of data between the two systems, which will further expedite the exchange of important and intelligent information for improved marketing campaign outcomes. The manifold benefits can be realized throughout the complex sales and marketing processes. The integration ensures better alignment of sales and marketing that helps in culminating in a unified and integrated reports. Automation can be achieved by creating a standardized process for capturing insights. In the end, unmatched automation, standardization, and seamless process management gained by integrating CRMs and MAPs lead to elevated productivity, with less effort, time, and cost.

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