Leveraging the Efficiency of Web Content Management Systems
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Leveraging the Efficiency of Web Content Management Systems

By CIOReview | Friday, December 16, 2016

The advent of the internet era paved a productive path for enterprises trying to leverage technology as an effective medium for driving business growth. When it comes to internet, modern organizations understand the pre-eminent nature of the content displayed. As website content is considered as a basic part of the internet, mastering the ability to manage them has become a necessity. But, instead of struggling with the markup or web programming languages––a time consuming option, adopting a highly functional Web Content Management (WCM) software injects agility in the process of creating and managing website content.

According to Markets and Markets, the Web Content Management (WCM) market is expected to experience a massive growth of about USD 8.25 Bn by 2021. Also, the growth will be at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 16.2 percent.

An ideal WCM solution handles processes such as website authoring, collaboration and administration; effectively streamlining the content management scenario. Although numerous WCM solutions are available in the marketplace, selecting the right one and implementing it might turn out to be a strenuous task. Considering the following key points can help enterprises make headway in the entire implementation scenario:

Choose an Implementation Partner

To ensure an optimum level of perfection while choosing a WCM solution, it is always recommended to team up with a trusted implementation partner who will assist in the entire selection process; also boosting the system performance.

Focus Primarily on the Platform

After the implementation stage, it is crucial for enterprises to understand the working of the entire WCM solution as it controls most of the online operations. They should also understand the fact that, apart from the building a website, a WCM solution also stages a flexible development platform that adapts according to the business-centric goals. As enterprises develop their digital products on the WCM platform, the level of sophistication will also increase.

Prioritize the Value of Content

Unlike other IT operations, content creation is a creative process that has to be undertaken by the organizations in a streamlined manner. Enterprises should have the ability to produce engaging content for the products and services offered to customers, without which, implementing a WCM solution will turn out to be futile. Employing an efficient and experienced editorial team is the best way to ensure availability of high quality content.

Involve Stakeholders

Effective interaction with stakeholders helps enterprises in the process of making crucial investment decisions and prioritizing their business goals. Apart from launching a new website, involving major sectors of the organization keeps the website content constantly updated for end users. Engaging stakeholders in the entire content management scenario results in the production of rich content; indirectly leading an organization towards success.

Adopt a WCM with a User-Friendly Interface

WCM is a platform that is accessed by large number of users on a daily basis. So, it is always recommended to adopt a solution integrated with a friendly and customizable user interface. A simple user-interface triggers ease of use; directly accelerating the critical processes and promoting the content management scenario.

Consider Budget Constraints

For small and medium sized organizations, it is always crucial to understand the effectiveness of a streamlined financial planning. Before deploying a WCM solution, enterprises should interact with their implementation partner and choose a solution that boosts productivity; also meeting the budget constraints.

As myriad enterprises primarily focus on customers, today’s innovative WCM solutions are transforming the Digital Marketing space; delivering features that are much more than just content management. Success of an organization lies in adopting the right WCM solution for the right purpose.

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