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LexisNexis Rolls out an eDiscovery Platform-Lexis DiscoveryIQ, Empowered by Brainspace

By CIOReview | Friday, February 5, 2016

NEW YORK, NY: LexisNexis, the provider of content and technology solutions to professionals, has announced a new eDiscovery platform that is empowered by Brainspace. The company has unveiled the latest DiscoveryIQ software which is integrated with eDiscovery solution. This new product is embedded with advanced visual analytics developed by Brainspace Corp.

The Lexis DiscoveryIQ platform effectively processes large data sets for review and recognizes the important story in all the case, while lowering the data set to most essential aspects. The Brainspace ID technology is incorporated into Lexis DiscoveryIQ solution and includes rational, prioritized review, expediting the course by 60-90 percent. Although designed for requirements of large cases, the platform is elastic and extendible enough for use in various matters.

The Lexis DiscoveryIQ platform challenges prevailing work system by reviewing the role of primal case determination and delivering compelling analytics all through the eDiscovery process. This drives enhanced prosecution strategies, delivers quick understanding of lawsuit data, and curtails the entire cost of litigation.

The latest platform is built upon the LexisNexis Early Data Analyzer software that has notable velocity, achievement, and agility. This approach enables the LexisNexis team to concentrate on PreDiscovery level by developing on a strong base of powerful early case assessment tools and integrating predictive coding, data analytics, and intelligent review devices across the workflow.

The new platform is unique as it provides thorough litigation guide, offers proactive awareness about data, and promises a rapid pathway towards more authentic conclusions.

“It’s significant to point out this alliance between Brainspace and LexisNexis creates a unique and complete integration of technologies that goes beyond moving data from one platform to another,” says Ravi Sathyanna, VP of Technology and Products, Brainspace Corp. “The result is a comprehensive platform, focused on early case assessment, and bringing to bear the most advanced eDiscovery technology and analytics in the market.”