Lexmark Releases New Cloud Management Platform for Quick Software Delivery

By CIOReview | Wednesday, August 26, 2015

WASHINGTON, D.C: Lexmark, supplier of enterprise software, hardware and services, has released its hybrid cloud management platform, called OpenAperture to deliver software consistently and quickly, despite of location and workload.

With the support of Lexmark’s Perceptive Evolution platform, OpenAperture enables applications to automatically and immediately distribute components across the globe. It also helps in reducing response time for customers by allowing them to interact with an application from the closest data center.

“A world class platform like Perceptive Evolution requires a world class foundation to manage, deploy and scale it to all levels of our global Lexmark customer base. OpenAperture is that foundation,” says Brian Anderson, Chief Technology Officer, Lexmark Enterprise Software.

The highlights of OpenAperture includes, rapid software release cadence, which empowers development teams to deliver working software at the rate of customer demands; comprehensive management system that gives streamlined operations and security and handles the six pillars of cloud management, i.e., provisioning, deployment, monitoring, maintenance, security and metering.

The other two features of the newly-launched platform are availability, where OpenAperture automatically enables regional and provider redundancy, resulting in increased availability; and Open-source that allows the platform to be used by other communities and enables them to contribute code so that Lexmark customers get benefits.

Commenting on the benefits of the new platform, Anderson, adds, “By sharing this technology with the open source community, together we will create a better foundation on which our customers, partners and the open source community can run their products in their own private clouds.”