Lexmark's Optra IoT Solutions to Transform Connected Device Services
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Lexmark's Optra IoT Solutions to Transform Connected Device Services

By CIOReview | Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Lexmark has introduced a new portfolio of proven solutions to assist customers in swiftly harnessing the potential of IoT at the IoT Tech Expo North America virtual event.

FREMONT, CA: Companies from various industries see great potential in IoT. Increased network agility, integrated artificial intelligence (AI), and the ability to deploy, automate, coordinate, and secure various use cases at hyperscale will accelerate advancements in the industrial internet. Lexmark, a worldwide technology solutions leader, has come up with a new portfolio of proven solutions to assist customers swiftly harness the potential of the Internet of Things (IoT), accelerate digital transformation, and realize business results at the IoT Tech Expo North America virtual event. Lexmark Optra IoT Solutions takes advantage of its industry-leading cloud, IoT, and connectivity technologies and skills and its history as a connected device manufacturer and long-time managed services provider.

The Lexmark Optra IoT Platform, which is available today, is a ready-made IoT solution that may help consumers kickstart their business transformation, resulting in better items and more advanced services at reduced costs.

"We believe IoT has the power to transform all types of industries. Companies only need the right tools to harness it, enabling them to grow and innovate. Lexmark figured it out. We unleashed the power of IoT and built a solution that we have used for years in our own business to achieve measurable benefits for our customers and ourselves. Lexmark Optra IoT Solutions can do the same for other companies," comments Allen Waugerman, President and CEO of Lexmark on how the company can leverage IoT.

Lexmark has created an IoT platform to power its industry-leading worldwide managed print services business. The platform effectively harnesses performance and sensor data from Lexmark-manufactured and managed devices, merging it with data from primary business systems to produce actionable insights. Predictive services, asset optimization, systemic innovation, and as-a-service engagements are all examples of results that the organization can use to produce internal and external customer value. Lexmark has significantly boosted profitability per device by optimizing utilization and remotely resolving device support issues 70 percent of the time.

"The Optra IoT Platform is ready-made and proven, enabling makers of connected devices to quickly implement and rapidly achieve outcomes that bring them further success," adds Vishal Gupta, Lexmark Chief Information and Technology Officer. "Lexmark is reinventing how manufacturers leverage IoT to transform their business."