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Libelium Launches a Smart Tracking Solution with GPS Batter-Powered Device and Data Management Software Platform

By CIOReview | Friday, December 4, 2020

Libelium introduced the first complete solution for smart tracking projects comprising both GPS battery-powered devices and the data management software platform.

FREMONT, CA: Libelium has launched the first complete solution for smart tracking projects that comprise GPS battery-powered devices and data management software platform. Intending to increase digitalization speed in organizations to enhance their competitiveness, Libelium has added this smart tracking technology to its portfolio of solutions. The goal is to improve the companies' asset and goods management while decreasing the costs and avoiding losses.

Industries from every sector like construction, logistics, transportation services, mining, energy infrastructure, supply chain management, or asset management are the biggest benefactors of this smart tracking technology. Such markets demand the most vital and correct battery-powered GPS trackers to offer location and movement history, utilization reports, pre-sales maintenance monitoring, misuse or abuse notifications, and applications with a single and simple tool.

"In an increasingly demanding IoT market, Libelium confirms its ability to offer customers complete solutions that go beyond hardware devices according to the strategic shift the company is making," says CEO Alicia Asín. "For many industries including manufacturing, supply chain, and others, the ability to track assets unlocks insights that enable companies to reduce operational costs, automate workflows, and squeeze the most value from existing assets. The three main business drivers that these industries are demanding to revolve around preventing loss and theft, enhancing operational efficiency, and optimizing product life cycles," states Asín.

Libelium's complete offer for the smart tracking solution comprises the configuration and management of the devices and the implementation and configuration of the data in a software platform customized for every client.

Libelium Smart Tracking functions

Most of the emphasized functionalities that the tracking platform offers are the possibility of obtaining reports to locate assets with the trip history of monitoring routes, mileage, idle time, average speed, and many others. The users can also configure the recovery mode in case of loss, theft, or unauthorized use and analyze asset utilization to increase usage efficiency, decrease downtime, and increase its life. The platform can also set actionable alerts (after-hours movement, accident detected, speeding alert), set boundaries with geofencing tools, and plan preventative maintenance and reminders.