Library Management Made Easier with The New OLE GOBI API

By CIOReview | Tuesday, November 10, 2015

CONTOCOOK, NH- Libraries using Kuali OLE and Global Online Bibliographic Information(GOBI) can now streamline the acquisitions process because of integration of new functionalities in the YBP Library Services platform. Kuali OLE is the first system designed by and for academic and research libraries for managing and delivering intellectual information. It is based on three major attributes of people, community and collaboration. It allows real-time transfer of Bibliographic and order details for all print and electronic orders placed via the GOBI platform.

The OLE GOBI API was developed by University of Chicago as a part of the OLE project and it provides comprehensive OLE order data mapped from any field in the GOBI order screen. Librarians don’t have to manually transfer the order information from GOBI to Kuali OLE or load daily MARC files, thus giving them instantaneous access to order information in OLE. This process subsequently helps GOBI to reap a library’s OLE order number for display in GOBI. “One of Kuali OLE’s core values is to develop a next generation ILS environment that leverages integration with external vendor systems,” says James Mouw, Associate University Librarian for Collection Services. 

OLE is committed to developing an open source, community directed library management system that is freely accessible by libraries. It aims to build a next generation technology environment which will leverage integration with University Enterprise systems. It also focuses on re-examining library business operations and developing new workflows reflecting the dynamic nature of library materials.