LifeApps Digital Media Announces Updated Version of MDWorkout for iPhone

By CIOReview | Wednesday, April 29, 2015

SAN DIEGO, CA: LifeApps Digital Media, a digital media company focusing on health, fitness, sports publications, and next-generation social networks has updated its health app, MDWorkout 3.2.0 for Apple iPhone and iPad with integration with Apple HealthKit.

The updated version includes enhanced data gathering capabilities that include integration with Apple's HealthKit. The MDWorkout 3.2.0 using the healthkit collecvts data directly and records activity from the iPhone's built in pedometer. Besides this, the information from third party sensor devices is also integrated with HealthKit, including calorie counters, and activity monitors.

"We are very pleased to deliver an even tighter integration with the advanced capabilities of the Apple Healthkit in the latest update of MDWorkout," states Robert Gayman, CEO of LifeApps Digital Media. "It's easier than ever to record and track your workouts with MDWorkout. And with the HealthKit integration the information you gather about your workouts and nutrition in MDWorkout can be shared with other apps as well."