Liferay Partners with Dynatrace to Offer Digital Performance Management Platform

By CIOReview | Friday, July 31, 2015

LOS ANGELES, CA: Liferay, an open source portals enterprise, has announced partnership with a digital performance management company, Dynatrace. It is aimed at monitoring the performance workspace, designed for Liferay portal. The customizable dashboards and instrumentation are designed mutually by the companies to ensure high quality customer experiences.

"In Dynatrace, we've found a partner that truly understands the challenges in delivering consistently stellar end-user experiences and a solution that helps us across the entire lifecycle of a project," explains Michael Han, VP of Operations at Liferay.

With the FastPack portal, businesses can scale up data analysis and turn the findings into action. This improves the digital experience of users, based on significant performance indicators.

The key benefits offered to Liferay customers can be categorized based on the roles as —

For developers:Build-to-build performance analysis, frequent releases and quality enhancements by eliminating the production issue resolving time.

For IT operations: Substantial improvements in efficiency, spotting the performance issues on correct faulty domains by tracking user visits across back-end tier.

For digital business owners:A complete study on customers’ experiences, rapid response to issues, well equipped to improve critical business interests such as conversion rates and delivered brand value.

"Our experts worked with Liferay to provide deep performance insights that can be used across development, operations and business owners – all in a single platform," says Todd Kaloudis, VP Partner Sales at Dynatrace.

Liferay offers Enterprise subscriptions, which provides access to emergency fixes, software updates and more. Liferay also provides professional training to ensure successful deployment for its customers. As an open source community, Liferay promotes innovation and increases security. It reuses the existing software, integrates with both enterprise and web-based resources.

Dynatrace, an application performance monitoring firm, gives the application insights needed to achieve digital success. By optimizing every digital minute, Dynatrace solves the application performance issues before it impacts on users; delivers new applications and enhancements to market; and spots the root-causes and optimizes critical applications.