Liferay Unveils Audience Targeting App for Companies to Offer Personalized User Experience

By CIOReview | Friday, February 6, 2015

LOS ANGELES, CA: Liferay, a free and open source enterprise portal has unveiled Audience Targeting app to help companies in displaying the  apt content at the right time for their customers to enable them create the most relevant web experience.

The app helps businesses in maintaining authentic connections with its customers, partners, and employees by creating specific content for audiences. The content is usually based on the user information and behavior. The app also enables marketers to create targeted campaigns, track user actions and generate reports depending on the campaign. With Liferay, companies can deal with customers across devices and gain a comprehensive understanding of their needs from multiple backend systems.

"Getting audience engagement right comes down to solving three questions. Who are you trying to engage, what information is important to that person, and what is the best way to display the targeted content on your site? Whether it's your customers, your partners, or your employees, personalized audience engagement is quickly becoming an expected part of their interactions with your company. We recognize this and continue to evolve our solutions for audience engagement and content targeting to give our customers the tools they need to provide better, more customized user experiences across the board," says Edwin Chung, VP of Product Development, Liferay.