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Lifeway Singapore Selects Epsilon to Offer Colocation

By CIOReview | Tuesday, February 16, 2021

With Infiny, LWS has immediate access to Epsilon's global ecosystem of world-leading communications and technology hubs.

FREMONT, CA: Epsilon, a leading connectivity service provider, has been selected by Lifeway Singapore (LWS), an information technology service provider, to offer colocation, remote peering, and data center interconnection services to power its global 5G Cyber Range solution. LWS benefits from Epsilon's on-demand connectivity that can be scaled-up to meet enterprise and regulator 5G testing scenarios.

LWSs Cyber Range 5G infrastructure delivers customers with a secure and flexible testing environment where they can make sure the viability, performance, and security of their 5G solutions. Epsilons private network infrastructure and interconnection services will underpin the Cyber Range environment that allows LWSs customers to guard their smart cities, self-driving cars, smart factories, and other Industry 4.0 solutions under operational production instances.

5G implementations are accelerating, and that needs robust testing environments to ensure security, viability, and optimal performance. With Infiny and the on-demand connectivity solutions, the company enables LWS to scale-up testing environments and better serve its customer's demands across the globe. It is great to be helping LWS in its plans to roll out the 5G Cyber Range solution and realize the future of Industry 4.0. LWS has 5G Cyber Range infrastructure deployed at Epsilons colocation data center facilities in Singapore, London, and New York. Epsilons' secure and interconnected colocation offers LWS the foundation it needs to deploy, host, connect and manage its network, services, and applications. On top of this, LWS uses Epsilons Data Centre Interconnection and Remote Peering services to keep peering traffic closer to LWSs customers through a carrier-grade MEF-certified backbone network for lower latencies and user experience.

 With the support of Epsilon, we offer 5G infrastructure that spans the globe, and our customers such as enterprises, telcos, and regulators should be able to validate IoT or private data's resilience and security. Whether that is a new application, protocol, or technology, 5G will change how people live and work. It is a tremendous opportunity, and that requires agile infrastructure and robust cyber testing. Epsilons services are provided through Infiny, a Network as a Service (NaaS) self-service platform that enables users to access on-demand connectivity to the worlds’ leading data centers, clouds, and internet exchanges.