Light-Sunny Optical Collaboration Re-Defines Imaging Technology

By CIOReview | Wednesday, July 8, 2015

PALO ALTO, CA : Light, creative technologists on a mission to re-imagine the art and science of photography, has recently  collaborated  with Sunny Optical Technology, provider of integrated optical manufacturing and optical imaging solutions, to bring forth Light's imaging technology to market.

Sunny Optical focuses on the application fields of opto-electronic-related products, such as handsets, digital cameras, vehicle imaging systems, smart television video systems, security surveillance systems, optical measuring instruments and high-end optical analytical instruments, which are combined with optical, electronic, software and mechanical technologies.

The collaboration will help Sunny Optical to enhance its core component of the imaging technology by building and assembling Light’s camera modules. Precision manufacturing, including active alignment, of the camera modules is vital for producing high-resolution images, without sacrificing the field of focus. Active alignment ensures the optical center of the lens barrel aligns with the optical center of the sensor assembly.

Light's imaging technology reduces the size, cost and weight of advanced optics systems, resulting in high-quality imaging in a smaller form factor.

Dave Grannan, CEO and co-founder, Light says, "To provide great imagery, we need to deliver an impeccably produced product. Sunny Optical delivers first-class manufacturing capabilities and the capacity to produce high-quality camera components at a global scale. The camera modules are the principal ingredient in Light's breakthrough technology and we are thrilled to be working with a manufacturing leader like Sunny Optical to make our vision a reality."