LightWave 3D Group Presents Powerful Creativity Bundle for 3D Modeling, Animation and Rendering

By CIOReview | Friday, August 21, 2015

BURBANK, CA:  The LightWave 3D, a division of NewTek collaborates with 3rd Powers, Japan-based software developer to deliver Powerful Creativity Bundle. The product is a 3D modeling, animation and rendering software and a complete suite of plugins for LightWave created by 3rd Powers.

LightWave 2015 is intuitive software created by the artist for the artist offering an end-to-end production pipeline for artists and designers to model, animate, capture, retarget, render, and input and output to 3D, including 3D printing. The software incorporates plug-ins which includes LW Brush, Cage Deformer, Lattice Deformer, Meta Mesh, Boolean Tool, and Heat Shrink Plus. This offer is only available on the LightWave 3D website.

The 3rd Powers’ plugins for Lightwave 3D include: The LW Brush, 14 modeling tool plug-ins is used for mesh editing such as, translating, rotating, grabbing, sliding, smoothing, pushing, pulling, drawing, cutting, extending, and more. Cage Deformer plug-in allows artists to freely edit the mesh deformation of an object by wrapping it with a low-resolution cage-like geometry. Lattice Deformer distorts and animates objects in the lattice by grabbing, stretching, rotating and distorting.

Meta Mesh is a brand new modeling technique to interactively weld and hollow an object in the viewport. The interactive version of Boolean, the Boolean Tool creates a new object from the overlapping portions of the foreground and background objects and the modeling tool Heat Shrink Plus dynamically combines a foreground polygon mesh to a background object, similar to wrapping an object.

“The software offers artists the opportunity to pair award-winning LightWave 2015 3D software with some of the most impressive plugins on the market today at no additional cost. It’s an offer that benefits everyone interested in being creative with 3D,” claims Rob Powers, president, LightWave 3D Group.