Lightwave Logic to Advance Operational Feasibility at Temperatures as High as 110C

By CIOReview | Thursday, April 2, 2015

LONGMONT, CO: Lightwave Logic, a technology company focused on the development of Next Generation Photonic Devices and Non-Linear Optical Polymer Materials Systems announces that it has dramatically advanced the commercial feasibility of its organic electro-optical photonic device program.

This new enhancement results at 110C surpass the published results of any known electro-optical polymer at that temperature; also they exceed the harsh demands of the commercial operating datacom/telecom environment that requires photonic devices to operate consistently at 85C. The very ability to operate at temperatures above 85C has given a way for an array of additional applications that at least one of the company's potential partners for joint development opportunities has identified during discussions.

The Company continues to demonstrate minimal degradation over successive levels of industry benchmark parameters while simultaneously moving toward completion of its operating organic polymer-enabled waveguide modulator prototype using its new multi-chromophore material systems.

According to Tom Zelibor, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Lightwave Logic the intelligent combination of durability and high electro-optic characteristics of our materials will lead to form commercially competitive devices that will offer enormous performance improvements at reduced cost.

"We increased R&D expenditures in 2014 by 38 percent and we will continue to increase our R&D commitment in 2015 in an effort to accelerate completion of additional demonstration waveguide devices. We anticipate having reportable device data by the Annual Shareholder Meeting in May", Tom adds.