LINC Deploys Intacct to Make Religious Place Self Propagating and Self Governing

By CIOReview | Tuesday, March 29, 2016

HOUSTON, TX: AcctTwo, a consulting firm and provider of cloud-based ERP solutions has deployed Intacct for LINC Houston (LINC). LINC is a network of local churches that have come together with a common mission to carve new ministries in urban Houston and to support them in the existing congregations. LINC plants new churches that are self-governing, self-supporting, and self-propagating. LINC has selected Intacct, hoping that it will meet the standards of the organization.

The business challenge that was previously faced by LINC Houston’s finance team was during manually manipulating data in order to consolidate funds for reporting purposes took time away from analyzing that data and making more strategic decisions. LINC had on premises server environment, and VPN issues that made the system inaccessible at times. The rapid growth in the organization made their legacy accounting system difficult to handle that growth.

The reason for selecting Intacct is because it provides with real-time visibility into their data through easy to read dashboard reports, opens API environment makes it easy to work with other systems, either through a live connection or via a quick CSV import, Intacct’s “best in class” methodology allows LINC to choose products, like a payroll system, that best meet their needs instead of being forced to work under one specific vendor’s choice.

"With Intacct's dimensions, we can expand easily; The AcctTwo team has immense expertise and great customer handling skills. AcctTwo did a fantastic job with keeping us on track to go-live" asserts Matthew Schultz, Director of Operations, LINC Houston.