LINKFRESH Brings Enhancements to its Flagship ERP Software for Increased Transparency and Accuracy
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LINKFRESH Brings Enhancements to its Flagship ERP Software for Increased Transparency and Accuracy

By CIOReview | Tuesday, January 5, 2016

VENTURA, CA: LINKFRESH, provider of ERP solutions, adds new enhancements to its ERP software for food industry that include catch weight, case management, incorporation of global trade item number (GTIN) and archiving enhancements.

The growing dependence of enterprises on technology increases the demand for ERP solutions that help them with consultation, assessment and implementation of data. Designed for the food industry, LINKFRESH solution offers integration with Microsoft Dynamics enabling companies to accelerate their supply chains with real time technology base.

The new capabilities introduced in the LINKFRESH ERP software are:

  • Catch Weight capability to measure the produce in a base and secondary measure. It allows food processors and distributors to manage products when an individual product’s weight varies. It is an approximate measure of the product as the weight of unprocessed goods varies.

  • Case management functionality allowing individual cases to be managed through the ERP software. This feature can make case alterations through the software.

  • Incorporation of GTIN- an identifier for trade items, in the software. With an internal reference number, the software will also have a universally recognized GTIN that can be easily tracked and recognized by distributors, suppliers and manufacturers in the supply chain. This will in turn improve communication in the supply chain and streamline workflows at every stage.

  • Archiving capability moves data that is no longer used to a storage device for long term retention giving a cleaner approach in supply chain management and removing the unwanted data out of the picture for transparency.

 “In wake of recent controversies, questions are being asked about how supply chain processes can be improved. Through our new offerings, LINKFRESH can help suppliers improve traceability and efficiency simultaneously, reducing the capacity for human error and ensuring that any supply side issues which do occur can be quickly traced to their source,” says Robert Frost, CEO, LINKFRESH. 

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