LinkTek Accelerates Data Migration with Solution that Fixes Broken Files

By CIOReview | Thursday, September 22, 2016

CLEARWATER, FL: LinkTek, the automatic repair solution provider for file links, announces the release of LinkFixer Advanced software. This upgrade will automatically preserve and fix links stored in database, saving users from data loss during file migration.

The software eliminates the process of manually finding and fixing broken file links in SQL databases, when files or folders are moved during a data migration to a different drive, server, storage device, or migrating data as part of hardware upgrade or server consolidation; or even into a content management system or enterprise content management, such as SharePoint or OpenText. 

"Data migrations require foresight, planning and effective implementation to avoid serious problems. One often unforeseen problem that has to be addressed is the handling of broken file links caused by moving or renaming files and folders," says Ed Clark, COO, LinkTek.

The version 3.0 claims to be 2.6 times faster at automatically fixing broken file links. These links are automatically updated ensuring that the links do not break during migration or renaming process. The tool can also be used to fix broken links in batch, even if files and folders were moved without using LinkFixer software.

Clark further continues, "Without an efficient method of handling file links, the result can be lost data, diminished productivity, unanticipated extended downtime, complaining end-users and thousands of man-hours of post-migration work for an already-overtaxed IT staff.”