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Linux Distributions Expand on IBM Servers

By CIOReview | Wednesday, April 27, 2016

FREMONT, CAEver since revealing its Linux mainframe servers at previous summer's LinuxCon conference, IBM has been contributing more open-source distributions to its LinuxOne line of z Systems-based mainframes. This week it showcased the most recent release of Canonical's Ubuntu platform that the partners supposed would aid ease uprising hybrid cloud deployments.

Ubuntu joins an expanding list of Linux distributions functioning on IBM z Systems and LinuxOne that includes Red Hat and SUSE. Supporting LinuxOne systems, Canonical declared this week its Ubuntu 16.04 release includes a "pure-container" hypervisor based on OpenStack Mitaka cloud building tools. The newest version of Mitaka released earlier this month is planned and devised to help supervise virtual machines, bare metal and container orchestration frameworks with only a single set of APIs.

Ceph Filesystem (CephFS) and Z File System (ZFS) support for large-scale cloud storage is included in this release.

Canonical mentioned that its latest Ubuntu release also showcases a latest secure application format–called "snaps"– aimed to accelerate updates. The secure application package format is created to foster convergence across desktops, mobile devices, and, ultimately, the IoT, the company affirmed.

The latest application format can be set up beside conventional deb formatted packages. Canonical averred the two packaging formats "hold up quite comfortably next to each another" while allowing Ubuntu running on LinuxOne to keep on its existing processes for updates and development.

Meanwhile, the container hypervisor stated that LXD is designed to bolster density by up to 14 times, claims Canonical. The company also claimed its newfangled hypervisor for OpenStack would assist further workload density while reducing latency as more customers unfold hybrid cloud infrastructure.

Ubuntu's stand for ZFS on Linux fluxes a volume manager and file system widely employed for the platforms cloud and container operations. Version 16.04 also adds support for CephFS– distributed file system directing enterprise storage for cluster computing.

Other Linux platforms along with these aforementioned systems are being released as IBM unleashes its LinuxOne mainframe servers. The company brought in its debut Rockhopper system in the beginning of this year that underlines hybrid cloud support. IBM states Rockhopper aims "emerging markets" looking for performance comparable to its z13-based Linux server dubbed "Emperor”.

The Emperor mainframe rises up to 8,000 virtual machines or thousands of application containers, IBM claimed. Built around a 5.6 GHz processor with an extended memory pool , the Linux mainframe servers includes four levels of cache.