Liquid Grids Offers SaaS for Robust Healthcare Services

By CIOReview | Monday, June 16, 2014

FREMONT, CA: Liquid Grids, a precision marketing solution provider for healthcare vertical, has launched a new SaaS platform designed for the healthcare industry. Allowing access to over 40 custom disease grids through a social health intelligence dashboard and Direct to Persona advertising platform, the cloud-based solution offers precision targeting for healthcare providers, reports News-Medical.Net.

This SaaS solution provides custom disease grids offering precise information on the persons, timelines and relevant topics to accomplish effective marketing, R&D and overall business. Delivering incisive, multi channel advertising campaigns is easy which is directed towards specific persons who are in need for healthcare service for a particular ailment.

"The Liquid Grids' on demand SaaS platform is designed to enable our clients with virtual access to our proprietary social health disease intelligence dashboard," said Ramos Mays, Chief Technology Officer for Liquid Grids. "This turnkey, real-time portal features custom disease grids culled from 1 Billion health conversations, which provide exact personas, timelines and relevant topics to enhance marketing campaigns, R&D and other business objectives."

"Liquid Grids combines powerful analytics, targeted buyer personas and inbound strategies to create a full-service marketing solution for the healthcare industry," said Malcolm Bohm, President & CEO of Liquid Grids. "From our all-inclusive managed service to our new do-it-yourself SaaS solution, Liquid Grids continues to lead the industry for direct to patient social targeting."