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Lisa Young and Nancy Neumann to Add Strategic Vision to ITX Corp

By CIOReview | Thursday, December 10, 2020

The latest leadership of Lisa Young and Nancy Neumann adds operational wisdom and strategic vision of ITX Corp.

FREMONT, CA: ITX Corp, a forerunning producer of custom software products, announces two new members to the ITX Board of Directors, vice presidents Lisa Young and Nancy Neumann. As ITX's team of technologists and product professionals continues to evolve, these additions to the ITX Board strengthens its operational expertise and strategic vision.

Lisa Young, ITX's Vice President of Delivery, has been with the company since 2005. ITX's Delivery firm has more than tripled in its size to more than 140 members throughout the United States and the Americas under her leadership. Young has developed ITX's steady growth and created the organizational structure and processes that have continually offered clients results while allowing ITX's continued emergence.Top IT Services Companies

Nancy Neumann, ITX's Vice President of Interaction Design, came to ITX in 2008 just after acquiring Spider Graphics, an Ithaca-based graphic design firm that she co-owned. Neumann has led the team's transition from a loose collection of freelance designers to a truly empowered 25-person unit of user experience experts. Under Neumann's leadership, ITX's Design department has become a vital source of differentiation, thought leadership, and customer value generation at ITX.

This is a memorable day in the history of ITX. The whole organization celebrates Nancy's and Lisa's appointments to the Board. The company cannot think of two more qualified individuals to support ITX craft and realize its long-term vision.  As mentors and role models for people who share their passion for learning, especially women in tech, Neumann and Young eagerly point to the role technology can play in remediating business hurdles. Their appointments to the ITX Board widen its perspective and experience, but they also strengthen the focus through which the company perceives future challenges and opportunities.

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