LivePerson with Maven Brings AI-Powered Solution to Help Brands and its Customers
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LivePerson with Maven Brings AI-Powered Solution to Help Brands and its Customers

By CIOReview | Thursday, August 22, 2019
Alex Spinelli, Global CTO

Alex Spinelli, Global CTO

LivePerson and Maven have developed an AI-powered conversational platform suite for the brands to orchestrate customer journey at scale.

FREMONT, CA: LivePerson released an advanced version of Maven. This new version helps the brands drive efficiencies and helps them to enhance the customer experience in a conversational medium. 

Utilizing LivePerson's Machine Learning technology, Maven paves a way to harmonize the conversations between brands and clients. The solution is available over social media platforms like Facebook, Messenger, RCS, Apple Business Cart, Amazon Alexa, and other popular messaging platforms such as SMS, and even voice assistants. 

Maven's new decision-making helps to bridge the gap between human agents and automated conversations with their clients on a greater scale.

The updated features of Maven include:

• Maven Assist: a platform that recommends the next optimal actions for human agents to take surface content and helps the robots to respond to the customer's purpose.

• Maven AI-Powered Routing: the platform works by giving the right information by understanding "contextual information" to the customer inquiry. The information may include customer's profile information, interaction history, and contact center operations. The conversations are routed to the right agents or robots to solve customer requests.

• Maven Developer APIs: a set of tools, which makes the bots or other conversation systems smarter by consulting Maven on best next actions, and the ability to integrate more than two sources of data into Maven's decision-making.

Maven's new abilities present the advanced step of LivePerson's suite of mingling through conversational AI services through brands. Utilizing Maven's services enhances the brands to use AI to deliver highly personalized conversational experiences without needing to design, maintain, and scale a conversational AI.

Along with this improvement, existing bots can be operated with Maven AI-Powered Routing through the Ask Maven and Context Warehouse APIs. This advanced routing ability is used in companies of all kinds, including, airlines, Telco companies, banks, and cable providers.

LivePerson and Maven together bridge the conversational gap between the brands and the users. AI continues to enhance and improve with every conversational ability to offer business in the aspect of marketing, customer care, sales, and brick-and-mortar.

"Using 20 plus years of conversational data, we can build AI to drive any customer interaction," says Alex Spinelli, Global CTO at LivePerson. CIOReview Magazine has also recognized LivePerson as one of its 10 Most Promising Conversational Platform Providers 2018.