LizardTech's GeoExpress 9.5 Now Supports LiDAR Encoding
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LizardTech's GeoExpress 9.5 Now Supports LiDAR Encoding

By CIOReview | Wednesday, July 29, 2015

SEATTLE, WA: LizardTech which pioneered MrSID technology has announced the release of GeoExpress 9.5 at Esri International User Conference.

Among LizardTech’s line of geospatial products GeoExpress is its software based flagship product which leverages MrSID technology. It is utilized by government agencies, utilities, mapping data providers and organizations for manipulating and compressing geospatial imagery. MrSID technology compress images to five percent of their original size without compromising with visual quality and preserves storage, maintenance and network costs.

Now GeoExpress 9.5 supports LiDAR encoding, a remote sensing technology which uses laser beam that can map physical features with high resolutions. It minimizes size of LiDAR files by 75 percent, while retaining accurate point data. It can now compress image using JPEG 2000 format reducing original image to 50 percent of its original sizes, enabling these images to be storable in mobile devices and low-bandwidth environments. Version 9.5 advantages users with cropping, color balancing, exporting images with a custom resolution and re-projection features.

GeoExpress 9.5 integrates with Express Server, a full featured web tool that makes browsing, viewing through GeoViewer software and image exporting, straight from web browser easier as well as ensures interoperability with geospatial applications like LiDAR Compressor, which turns huge cloud datasets into efficient MrSID files and GeoViewer. Jeff Young, Global Development Manager, LizardTech, says “GeoExpress 9.5 is now your one stop shop to compress raster and LiDAR imagery to MrSID and LAZ formats.”