LLamasoft Launches Data Guru to Aid Business Analysts
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LLamasoft Launches Data Guru to Aid Business Analysts

By CIOReview | Friday, May 30, 2014

ANN ARBOR, Mich.: LLamasoft, a provider of supply chain design software solutions, has introduced Data Guru, a desktop data transformation application that enables data analysts to access, manage and transform enterprise data without extensive training or IT intervention.

Business intelligence, predictive analytics and modeling applications rely on data. Business analysts are faced with collecting, managing and transforming enterprise data, which often exceeds their skill sets and tools. Data Guru enables all levels of business analysts to create actionable business insights out of big, messy and disparate enterprise data—at a fraction of the cost of traditional ETL software, and with no IT resources or programming knowledge required.

Data Guru empowers business and data analysts by: simplifying the creation of datasets for use in business intelligence, ERP and modeling systems; enabling all business analysts to blend, analyze and transform data from multiple sources with a few mouse clicks; featuring an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface to create repeatable data workflows; empowering analysts to create actionable business insights without IT intervention or delays.

“Data Guru reduces the time it takes to transform my data and allows me to finally create repeatable processes to support business decisions,” said Stacy Orwan, supply chain modeler for The Hershey Company.

“Traditional data connectors and ETL tools focus on IT users or database architects,” said Don Hicks, founder, president and CEO of LLamasoft. “Data Guru focuses on bringing the extreme power of data transformation, SQL and in-memory databases to the business analyst, putting them to work solving difficult data problems in a self-service, visual environment.”