Load DynamiX Joins Hands with Virtual Instruments

By CIOReview | Thursday, March 31, 2016

FREMONT, CA: Load DynamiX, a storage workload monitoring and simulating enterprise and Virtual Instruments, a Fibre Channel/Ethernet tapper and monitoring firm recently announced a merger after running out of meaningful growth room.

After joining forces, the new unit is set to be named Virtual Instruments (VI), and former Load DynamiX (LDX) CEO Philippe Vincent will be named its CEO with current VI CEO John Thompson exiting the scene. VI's marketing VP, John Gentry, will be the CTO of the new VI and LDX marketing VP Len Rosenthal the new VI marketing VP.

Both enterprises are headquartered out of San Jose, where Virtual Instruments was founded in 2008 managed to mount up $76.5m in total funding while LDX was founded in 2009 and raised $19.25m in total funding. New-VI will be funded with fresh capital of USD 20m, in a VC round led by contributions from LDX's existing investors.

The justification for the merger comes in the wake of analyzing that the two companies' products and technologies work seamlessly well together, with VI's tapper-based solution offering real-time data for LDX's workload simulation, monitoring and predicting software.

The merger was driven by the demand of two suppliers' technologies together and as VI ran out of growth headroom following revenue problems in mid 2015, it presented the perfect opportunity.

It has been reported that HighBar Partners, the lead investor for LDX was instrumental in initiating conversations about merging with VI. As VI was on the lookout for fresh funding, the offer of USD 20m fresh funding proved compelling. Apart from old-VI CEO Thompson, new-VI will retain all 180 existing LDX and VI employees.

Vincent claims that: "By joining the undisputed leaders in infrastructure performance management and storage performance analytics, we've created a combination of solutions that no one else in the industry comes close to offering." The merged pair's technologies offer, they say, the best infrastructure instrumentation and performance analytics in the data centre.

A merger FAQ states "The new [VI] board is the existing Load DynamiX Board of Directors comprised of CEO Philippe Vincent, John Kim of HighBar Partners, Roy Thiele-Sardina of HighBar Partners, Paul Weinstein of Azure Capital Partners, and Industry Executive and former SwifTest CEO Clay Marr."

LDX supports all FC and IP-based storage protocols and the new VI will accelerate the old VI's roadmap to deliver infrastructure performance analytics across any storage technology—NFS/CIFS, iSCSI, and more. Moreover, the new VI inherits the old VI's large enterprise selling skills and IP expertise, which LDX previously lacked. Also, LDX, which previously only had a presence in the US prior to this merger, now gets access to VI's global support and professional services team.