Lockheed Martin and Concorde Blue to Utilize Organic Waste to Generate Power

By CIOReview | Thursday, March 17, 2016

FREMONT, CA:  Lockheed Martin, a global security and aerospace company announces new contract with Concorde Blue, an energy saving company to build a new power generation facility to transform waste into energy. The clean energy source meets the requirements of 5000 homes and businesses city of Herten, Germany.

Concorde Blue has awarded Lockheed Martin Energy a whooping $43 million contract for supporting phase two energy generation in proceeding the engineering, procurement and construction of the 5 megawatt plant .The five-megawatt power generation facility transforms forestry waste to power using Concord Blue’s reformer technology, converting waste into energy through advanced gasification. The completion date of the project is expected to launch in the year 2017.

Concorde Blue converts any form of organic waste into a variety of renewable fuels and electricity. The process employs a patented technology called steam thermolysis which converts waste material using heat transfer instead of incineration, eliminating harmful byproducts. Concorde Blue utilizes a closed-loop system sustained by creating byproducts to produce its own energy, removing the requirement of additional fuel during the process. The waste streams include sewage, manufacturing waste, hospital waste municipal solid waste, biomass, plastic waste and are converted into syngas, electricity, liquid fuels, and hydrogen. The plant processes 50,000 tons of raw waste per year significantly slashing the need of landfill use.

Lockheed Martin delivers solutions in areas of energy efficiency, smart energy management, alternative power generation, and climate monitoring through a comprehensive approach to tackle global energy and climate challenges.

"The Herten bioenergy facility will provide real benefits to the local area while demonstrating the promising capabilities and international potential of our bioenergy technologies. We are proud to partner with Concord Blue to help change the way our world addresses the growing challenges of clean energy and waste management," said Mo Vargas, director of Bioenergy, Lockheed Martin Energy.