Lockheed Martin's Latest Alliance to deliver advanced health care solutions

By CIOReview | Thursday, August 13, 2015

ROCKVILLE, MD:  Providers of Global security solutions and services Lockheed Martin initiates a new healthcare technology alliance in favor of public health. This alliance agglomerates Cisco, Cloudera, Big Cloud Analytics (BCA), Illumina, Intel and Montomery College.

“Federal health IT is a dynamic and growing sector,” says Horace Blackman, Vice President of Health & Life Sciences, Lockheed Martin. “Through collaboration between health IT industry and academic partners, this team will develop and refine technologies that will help guide decisions for care, diagnosis and treatment of disease while protecting critical health information.”

Through this alliance, they would be engaging wearable devices and sensors, co-developed by BCA and Intel, which will receive patient data and subject it to relevant analytic platforms and tools. This ensures better understanding of health at individual as well as population level. The co-developed solution originates with real-time health analytics platform powered by COVALENCE technology, a patent pending customer intelligence engine, which runs on the Intel Internet of Things (IoT) Gateway.

As mentioned by Lockheed Martin, these solutions will be marketed to healthcare providers, payers, pharmaceutical companies, and government agencies. The company is currently developing tailored solutions with Illumina for national-scale genomics programs.