Loftware Spectrum Offers On-demand label Printing for Enterprises

By CIOReview | Friday, September 11, 2015

PORTSMOUTH, NH: Loftware, a company that provides Enterprise Labeling Solutions, has recently announced the release of Loftware Spectrum 2.6 which is a 100 percent browser based, comprehensive enterprise labeling solution.

Spectrum 2.6 includes a new feature called Application Architect that empowers users to create and manage complex applications, eliminating the need for customers to build their own user interfaces for on-demand label printing. It simplifies the process by making the development and maintenance significantly easier and faster. Developers can now design complex and intelligent data entry pages with drag and drop option and to dynamically make decisions based on input from the user. In order to reduce occurrence of mislabeling, a wizard guides the user down the path based on their selections.

Josh Roffman, Vice President of Product Management, Loftware, states “Many companies are faced with error-prone manual barcode printing processes and often need to build custom printing applications in an attempt to streamline processes and ensure that users are printing the right labels. Custom applications can enable companies to meet the requirements of a single, ad hoc labeling process but they quickly become difficult and costly to maintain especially as labeling requirements change frequently”.

Application Architect makes it possible to easily take the right decision at the right time without deviating from standard procedure. Following Spectrum’s ‘Business Rules’ which allows users to employ configurable logic to make decisions based on label data elements.

Loftware Spectrum comes with a whole host of features including Object Navigator, which enable the users to easily interact with multiple object including labels, images, printers and Business Rules. The Object Navigator increases usability and adds flexibility to simply and easily navigate within Spectrum, enabling users to view content in a highly scalable, usable, consistent fashion.