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LogiGear Introduces Mobile App for Businesses of All Sizes

By CIOReview | Monday, February 29, 2016

FOSTER CITY, CA: LogiGear, a world leader in software testing solutions, announced the introduction of fixed-price Mobile Appsurance testing packages. These innovative plans will provide businesses and mobile developers of all sizes an affordable way to verify that their applications are compatible with the most popular mobile devices used by their customers.

“Normally, mobile testing requires the client to provide the test parameters," states Hung Nguyen, CEO, LogiGear. He further expands, “That's great when you know what the parameters should be, but not everyone does. Our approach streamlines the process for the client, and makes it possible to do testing for a fixed-cost, quickly, and affordably.”

Robust mobile testing is often out of reach for many companies, either due to the cost or the lack of up-to-date technology changes and resources. LogiGear's pre-packaged manual testing plans provide a cost effective means of assuring their apps work on the latest devices with quick turn-around for companies on tight deadlines. LogiGear's new service also solves a difficult problem for most companies in today's fast and fluid market: the recommendation of the right mix of devices and test types based on thousands of prior use cases and tests.

LogiGear's Mobile Appsurance services eliminate the cost and headache of renting or owning the most current smartphones and tablets. Additionally, LogiGear also provides customized mobile testing solutions using either shared or dedicated device management options for companies that need to test complex applications.