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Login VSI announces Login AM and support for Citrix Published Applications

By CIOReview | Thursday, June 2, 2016
Eric-Jan Van Leeuwen, CEO, Login VSI

Eric-Jan Van Leeuwen, CEO, Login VSI

LAS VEGAS, NV: At the Citrix Synergy industry conference held on May 24-26, virtualized desktop and server environments vendor Login VSI announced the addition of Login AM (formerly known as Automation Machine) to its product portfolio which boasts ability for deploying and managing dynamic Windows infrastructures on-premises and in the cloud. Login VSI would also incorporate support for Citrix published applications. This would allow IT administrators to automate day-to-day deployment and configuration. The company’s product offerings now encompass the original Login VSI for testing and validation of VDI and SBC, expressed as the VSImax benchmark for virtual users; Login PI for centralized performance monitoring for VDI and SBC with new multi-domain support; and Login AM.

“At Login VSI, we’ve always focused on providing the best possible end user experience through constantly improving performance, stability and agility for virtualized desktops,” said Eric-Jan Van Leeuwen, CEO of Login VSI. “By adding Login AM to our software portfolio, we’re bringing critical configuration and change management functionality to our customers while bolstering our testing, monitoring and reporting capabilities. Plus, our support of Citrix Published Apps allows IT admins to avoid costly professional services engagements and provides a streamlined, convenient user experience.” he added.

The new Login VSI software suite provides IT managers with greater automation in assessing, configuring and rolling out small to large-scale VDI projects, optimizing infrastructure performance. It would also address the challenges faced by IT administrators as they are confronted with frequent changes to VDI and server based computing environments while on the pressure of shrinking budgets.

Adding support for Citrix Published Applications is an addition to list of Login VSI’s existing support for VMware App Volumes and Microsoft App-V. The support feature would cut the need for additional customization through other professional services and would therefore leverage overall performance while reducing expenses. It is now possible to test server-based computing for applications without having to rely on hosted desktops to present the applications to the Login VSI test framework.