Long-term Strategies to Skyrocket Global Market Presence
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Long-term Strategies to Skyrocket Global Market Presence

By CIOReview | Friday, August 16, 2019

Companies approaching global markets are analyzing both market opportunities and their internal capabilities to determine success in the long run.  

FREMONT, CA: With a dream of developing into a global brand, every entrepreneur opens up possibilities to enable the organization to secure a bigger market share and appropriate financing. It's not surprising that most businesses are getting ready to break into fresh overseas markets. Here are a few key approaches that can be used to build a foothold in a new nation.

Direct Approach

In this approach, a company provides overseas clients with products or services directly. The business performs its sales on the foreign market without the assistance of a partner. The company may deploy an employee to oversee transactions or observe the market in the international market, but the company directs and controls everything. This strategy is beneficial because it keeps the company in complete command of its activities and decision-making. The company can rapidly plan and execute interventions as deemed appropriate by the management.

Indirect Approach

The indirect approach involves agents, brokers, distributors, or other intermediaries that facilitate sales and marketing. It's "indirect" because it doesn't connect clients directly. This setup's potential benefits are faster access to a fresh market and lower risk. Quick market access is available because the company partner or retailer (probable) already has an established market presence and reputation. Choosing a partner or intermediary that seems to lack credibility would be illogical. Likewise, if they do not see feasibility in them, it does not make sense for partners or retailers to agree to sell the products.

Hybrid Approach

The hybrid approach, as the phrase implies, incorporates both direct and indirect strategies ' attributes. It includes cooperation in a foreign market between one company and another. It is not just a regular company partnership, but one that calls for shared responsibility and decision-making. This approach may stimulate synergy that will boost competitiveness. The company partners share the hazards and achievements so that everyone can do their utmost to make the configuration function.

Joint Venture

Joint venture happens when, by contributing equity, a global business enters into an arrangement with a local partner to create a new entity and assets. In most cases, companies choose joint ventures over sole ventures as a result of the host governments ' restrictive regulatory measures aimed at the single venture of foreign investors. On the other side, a joint venture can also bring beneficial advantages to the overseas partner through its local partners, as local partners have stronger understanding of the setting and company procedures of the host country as well as private contacts with local providers, clients, banks and representatives of government, management, the manufacturing and marketing abilities, local prestige and other resources. These advantages are the reason why most companies in some countries insist on joint ventures.

Business Acquisition

This is an alternative for big, resource-rich businesses seeking to create a global presence. They can purchase a current company (consolidate) or suggest a merger or takeover instead of constructing their business in a new industry from scratch. It is similar to a direct approach but is likely to be more expensive and riskier. It can be a choice to make or break.

Strategies for market entry can have a far-reaching effect on the global status of an organization. Choosing the best entry strategy is a complex process of decision-making and involves different considerations. The importance of which aspects can vary depending on a company's strategic goals, by country, and even by industry. Ultimately, it will be necessary for today's organizations to stay flexible enough to integrate the high degree of dynamism in a changing company setting.

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